CadetNet Status & Updates


CadetNet PROD V5.5.0 Release

CadetNet v5.5.0.02 Overall Status

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Known Issues

CadetNet Enterprise Application - v5

CadetNet version 5.5 has been released.


CadetNet Online Learning System.


CadetNet collaboration environment

Public Websites

CadetNet Portal

AAC Website

ANC website.


CadetNet Email

Users of Webmail are encouraged to clean out their mailboxes regularly. This includes sent mail and deleted items.





CadetNet Hazardous Substance Reference System



CadetNet discussion forum

The current forum software has been replaced by a new solution in V5.

Please contact your Cadet ICT Manager for more details.


Communications platform for the ADF Cadets 

If your unit connection is not working as expected please contact your nearest ICT officer for assistance. Often issues relate to simple things such as passwords and router configurations that can be easily solved. 


Attention AAFC Members:

If you have difficultly accessing CadetNet please contact CadetOne support for further advice.


CadetNet v5.5.0.02 Overall Status

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Scheduled Outage


Known Issues

For more details of Issues please contact your ITSO or Cadet Organisation ICT Managers.

Please report any problems to your Organisation ICT team ASAP!

Understanding the Traffic Light System

Blue Light Indicates impending Updates Blue Indicates impending Updates

Green Light Indicates Status OK Green Indicates Status OK

Yellow Light Indicates Current Known Issues Yellow Indicates Current Known Issues

Red Light Indicates a Known Outage Red Indicates a Known Outage